Snow Day!

So it’s a Snow Day tomorrow…

But that doesn’t mean that learning stands still!  I’m hoping that children who are able to access our blog site will be able to keep in touch and tell us what they are up to and how they are spending their day.

Some of the teachers have already sent me messages to put up in the morning for their classes so watch this space!

You can start off by commenting on this blog post by telling me what you are looking forward to doing on your Snow Day and what you’ve enjoyed doing over the weekend.  Tomorrow, I hope to find a way for you to send me your pictures so we can post these.

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9 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. I am looking forward to building a snowman today and trying to measure how much snow has fallen over the weekend in our back garden. At the weekend I went sledging and had great fun. From Amelie

  2. We have got a stew in the oven and later we are going sledging over the park with Esther and Theo Walsh which I am looking forward to. From Daisy

  3. I made a snowman with grandma and granddad in my back garden.
    It has a blue hat and a rainbow scarf. We used twigs for arms and coloured balls for buttons.
    From Harry.

    1. We had a snowball fight , built a snow monster and went sledging with mum and dad on Sunday.It was BRILLIANT!
      From Matthew and Emma

  4. Good afternoon,

    Today I have made a snow sculpture which was supposed to be a snow Womble but looks more like an elephant. We used the sledge down the little hill in our back garden but when I came in to watch the assembly on line my toes were freezing.

    From Oliver year 3

  5. I made a snowman and it ended up looking like I a meerkat and my dad said we could make a ice marble, how you make it is you get balloons and you put food colouring in it then put it in snow or your freezer and I spent a bit of time with my family like my Aunty came over and stayed for few days with us.Then I went sledging with my sister and mum and it was awesome because it was funy when there was a bump and I went flying off the sledge and it was funny especially when I was going down the hill..

  6. we went sledging and had a huge snow ball fight with my mates also when we went sledging we also saw some of the people that go simon de senlys primary school p.s we had a huge amount of fun.

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