Year 1 Snow Day Activities…

Hello Year 1!
We’re sorry that we can’t be at school today but hope that you have fun at home in the snow.
We will be learning about different shapes this week and here is a game that we will be using later this week in class for you to have a go at whilst you are at home:
We we also be practising ‘ordering numbers’ and you can use this game to get a headstart
Another activity the children may wish to do is to draw a 2d shape picture and label the shapes with their properties (e.g. Number of sides/Corners).

Finally, why not comment below on how you are spending your Snow Day so that we can see what you have been up to.
Miss Slizys and Miss Fox

5 thoughts on “Year 1 Snow Day Activities…”

  1. Hi Miss Fox

    I’m going to be playing in the snow and doing lots of drawings and reading 🙂

    Love from


  2. Hi Miss Fox
    I will be doing the maths activities and going to dance class later. I helped to build a igloo yesterday.
    Love Sophie

  3. I have drawn some 2D shapes and had some hot chocolate. My comment earlier didn’t post so Mummy is helping me with this one to see if it will work.
    From Riley

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