Why Algebra?!?!

Last week, on one of my trips through Year 6, I met some girls who had just finished a Maths test and were talking about Algebra.  ‘What’s the point of Algebra Mr Rees?’, they said.  ‘When in our lives will we need to use it?’.


It’s a fair enough question and one, I’m sure, that teachers and parents have heard many times over the years.  Rather than get drawn in to an argument I felt I was always likely to lose, I asked Tayla to see if she could find out the answer to her question and to write a blog post about it.  A few days later and following a bit of research, I saw her sharing her findings with Miss Coade.

So here’s a post by my first ‘Guest Blogger’ on why we need to learn algebra!


Why do we have algebra?
We have algebra because its the gateway to higher level maths such as calculus and many others.  Since most science lessons revolve around biology,chemistry,physics and also many other topics, they all depend on algebra.Learning algebra is essential for anyone wanting to study any of the topics and also getting a job as one.
Algebra improves abstract reasoning,abstract reasoning in general helps build around many life skills for instance choosing a career,running a business and managing a family also require maths skills.This is why we learn and also need algebra.
By Tayla – Year 6

3 thoughts on “Why Algebra?!?!”

  1. Is this the sort of real life application you are looking for?

    Over easter i need to redecorate my bedroom, I need to know how much paint to buy so i have been advised to use the following algebraic equation…

    v = ((2xlxh)+(2xwxh))/4
    Volume of paint = v (litres)
    Length of room = l (metres)
    Width of room = w (metres)
    Height of room = h (metres)

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