What’s the most important thing to learn at school?

Following on from my assembly today, I’m asking children, teachers and parents to join our conversation about what we learn at Simon de Senlis.

We’re looking at what we learn at school and the way we learn at the moment and are trying to ‘reimagine’ our school and our curriculum.

So come on; join the conversation. A house point for everyone who takes part – including parents!

19 thoughts on “What’s the most important thing to learn at school?”

  1. Maths because when we are older we will need to be able to add and take away so we know how much money we have.
    Literacy so we can email each other and read each others email’s.
    And make lots of friends.
    From Isobel Lambert
    Year 2 HM

  2. I think the most important things to learn at school are enthusiasm for learning in all its forms and respect for others and the world we live in.

  3. I agree with Tracey. I think that important things to learn are self-confidence, respect for yourself and others, a love of learning, a love and respect of the world around us, critical thinking, anything is possible with hard work, the journey is as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than the destination and that nothing of any real value come easily. Ok I’d better stop now.

  4. To make sure we can use Are listening skills so we know what to do . And go on loads of school trips so they know more . And to learn the easy things and the main things that we need to know.
    Also we need good behaviour any day at any time and defiantly when visitors are here about the school.but Mr Rees you try your best to get everything right for the children. Plus in there literacy they need to know how to wright things correctly and in the right format for any peace of righting .and in there maths to know all facts to 20and10
    Ayisha santos costa

    Year 4

  5. I think the most important things for us all to learn at school are to be able to get along with others, to be positive, to find good in ourselves and in others. Ultimately to be HAPPY!

    Mrs Fennelly

  6. I think that learning good behaviour is important because it will help you make friends. Being polite and having good manners are really important too.

  7. I think it’s important to learn to share and to do your best in everything. When I’m learning, I learn best when I can work with a partner. In year 2, our learning has been lots of fun but also hard! I think I have learnt a lot in maths about adding, taking away, times and division.

  8. The most important thing to learn at school is that learning can be fun and that confidence can be built through learning and experiences.

  9. This morning we discussed what we felt were the most important things to learnt at school. Here are a few of our ideas:
    -Learning how to make friends
    -Have a variety of experiences
    -To be confident and overcome your fears
    -Always have resilience
    -Responsibility for your own learning
    -Respect for others and working well in a team
    -Investigating theories in Science

    Does this mean that all the children in Miss Coade’s class get a house point Mr Rees?

  10. Math is an important because when your older you need to count your money if you don’t learn math you will not no how to count money.
    From Irina

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