New Curriculum Themes September 2013!

In assembly this week, I talked to the children about the new topics that we are planning from September.The sheets are now stuck up around the hall for children to give their feedback on and you can also have your say by commenting on this post.

Which ones excite you?
What would you like to learn about within these themes?
Are there any themes that you are less keen on?

The themes are as follows:


On Your Marks…
Let’s Find Out
Let’s Celebrate!

What Happened Next?
Going Places

curriculum themes.JPG

Back to the Future
Our School, My Future


Please do comment and let us know your thoughts!

Mr Rees

2 thoughts on “New Curriculum Themes September 2013!”

  1. Great to see things changing, especially for the parents who have children in the upper half of the school and the lower half, , Theo has just been regurgitating everything Elena has done. The spring term sounds fun.

    What were the children’s likes/dislikes?……. do your changes mean changes to the home leading system?????(please look into this).

    Looking forward to next year and all the new changes xx

  2. I am looking forward to these topics and practising my writing next year. I think What Happened Next? Sounds very interesting.

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