New Class Names!

At Simon de Senlis, we want our children to go on to make a ‘dent in the universe’ and are looking to rename our classes after famous people who have helped to change the world to inspire us on that journey. To help us, we want to find out who our school community thinks are the people in the world who have been most inspirational or who have changed the world for the better.

Later this week, we will be letting our school community vote from a selected shortcuts but first, please post your names either on this blog post or on our Facebook page.

They could be from the following categories or could be completely different!


Mr Rees

10 thoughts on “New Class Names!”

  1. Inventors – Dyson & Edison
    sports – Murray & Ennis
    Music – Lennon & McCartney (Elena would choose one direction )
    Tv – ant & Dec ( Mcpartlin & Donnelly)
    Products – coca cola & Heinz
    Cars – Ford & Porsche
    Technology – Apple & Samsung
    Entrepreneurs – Richard Branson & sir Alan sugar
    A category for each year, hope this may help with some ideas,

    Regards Mrs ball xx

  2. In no particular order my list of influential people would include Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Bob Geldof, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa , Sebastian Coe, Richard Branson, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Stephen Hawking, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Sherpa, Matt Smith

  3. Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Murray, Stephen Hawking are a few ideas, also many authors e.g. Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare (though he’s not a favourite of mine!), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Maybe actors/actresses e.g. Sean Connery, Daniel Day Lewis, Goldie Hawn. (Oh dear, my age showing here!)

  4. On your marks
    Sebastion Coe, Ellie Simmonds

    Lets find out
    Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin

    Lets celebrate
    Queen Elizabeth II, Andy Murray

    What happened next
    Charles Dickens, Walt Disney

    Going Places
    Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong

    Back to the future
    Sandford Fleming (invented standard time), Carl Laemmle (universal studios)

    Our School, My Future
    Bill Gates, Vint Cerf

    Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, the list is endless!

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