Class Names – Year R and 1…

Whilst the world votes on our class names for Years 2-6, we are after some more ideas for names for our youngest classes.

With the older classes all named after real people who have made a dent in the Universe, we’re looking to name our Year R and 1 classes after children’s fictional characters.

For example:

Reception:  Gruffalo Class & Simba Class

Year 1:  Matilda Class & Potter Class

The idea with these names is that the characters all represent great stories where personal characteristics shine through.  Think for example of the resilience that Matilda shows in Roald Dahl’s classic novel or the quick-thinking agility of the mouse in The Gruffalo to keep him out of trouble.

At Simon de Senlis, we want children to be curious, industrious and agile learners who make a dent in the universe.  Can you think of any other fictional characters who fit this bill?




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